Give a kidney to the next

In India, according to the government data, 200,000 people would be waiting for the kidney transplant and about 30,000 people are waiting for a liver. What if the solution to the lack of organs would be to swap them?

The process isn’t new, the Kerala Network for Organ Sharing (KNOS) was created in 2012. But the government decided to partner with the organism to make it even more efficient.

In India, legal organs donations meet only about 3 to 5 percent of the demand, this is another reason why the government is partnering with KNOS to reduce a large number of illegal donations around the country. With this new program, the state government is trying to encourage people to swap their organs with potential matches.

The opportunity to save lives

But how does it work exactly? For example, if a patient’s father is willing to donate a kidney to his son but once they receive the result they find out what to do no match, then that kidney can be used for a stranger, at one condition, that anyone related to the stranger can do the same in return for the patient in need.

The same type of mechanism exists for people in need of a kidney with ASTRA (Apex Swap Transplant Registry). Since its creation, 65 transplantable pairs were matched and 57 swap transplants have been done and many more are in the process of completing formalities to undergo the transplant. A transplant in a complex domino loop of 5 simultaneous pairs has been performed in 2013 followed by largest 6 pair exchange domino 25th January 2014. All this has emerged from the ASTRA database.

This type of registry eliminates the problem of a living donor who is not able to donate an organ to a member of his own family because they are medically incompatible. Plus giving the authority to the government is supposed to raise the number of hospitals in the country performing this type of swap transplant.

Source: The Better India

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