« I’m not lost, keep me warm » mouvement, in images

As the freezing weather has enveloped the city of Bristol, people face the extreme climate in a compassionate way. Rather than thinking of themselves, citizens make an effort to help the homeless by leaving their hat and gloves on the street for those who spend their nights outside.

« Keep Bristol Warm » is a movement that was launched by Gavyn Emery in the summers of 2015 and is run by local volunteers to help citizens in difficult times. The annual campaign implies that people leave clothes attached to a post with a post-it, kindly designating the garment as offered to the one who needs it. The notes all have a similar message written: « I’m not lost, if you’re in need, keep me warm. » The slogan « I’m not lost » was also used by volunteers who distributed scarves and gloves in several cities in the United States and Canada in recent years.









Source: Mashable

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