Day zero? Cape Town is ready

Cape Town (South Africa) is not the first city to face a drought, but it is likely to be the first big city to run out of water. Water restrictions are in effect in the city, and the « zero day » in 2018 is expected to fall in June when the municipality will be unable to provide water to its residents. Today, the problem is the increase in population, demand is the strongest supply.

« In January, 314,000 households participated in the water saving effort and 154,000 of these heroes achieved dark green status using less than 6 kl per month, » notes the city in a press release. The city has observed that 5% of households actively reduce their water consumption during this period compared to December 2017.

« This, despite a number of estimates higher than the average last month because of the technical difficulties of downloading meter readings on a new system, » says the city. « Households that have managed to further reduce their consumption should be commended. »

The city of Cape Town now has a « disaster operations center. » This water disaster plan of the city, will take effect in case of zero-dayRichard Bosman, Executive Director of City Safety and Security, will lead the DOC, which will be operational on Monday, January 29, 2018. In the case of Day Zero, who will continue to receive water?
« Strategic commercial zones, areas of high disease risk and essential services, such as hospitals, will continue to receive clean water through normal channels, » the city said in its Frequently Asked Questions. According to the city of Cape Town, the number of water collection points has not been finalized, but around 200 should be available across the city. 149 sites have been confirmed to date.

The city has also thought of those who can not go to the places of collection: « The tankers will be used to deliver water to vulnerable groups such as retirement homes and health centers, » the city said in a statement.

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