Students carries legacy of generous man

In memory of Philando Castile, Supervisor of School Nutrition, students at Metro State University in St. Paul have created a $ 5000 common fund to repay the debt incurred by children at JJ Hill Montessori.

Ms. Fergus created the charity last fall as a class project with her psychology students. 211. JJ Hill. In October, Mrs. Fergus presented the first $ 10,000 check to the Saint Paul Public Schools, the district said. Combined with the donation of $ 35,000 last week, The Philanthropy of the Children at Night is 1,788 students, the neighborhood said Sunday night.

Naming the Philando campaign feeds children, university students not only achieved this goal, but they decimated – squeezing an impressive $ 107,000 – thus eliminating meal debt not just for Montessori students, but for all students of 56 establishments. Paul public school system. A fundraiser in memory of a man who helps his neighbor and who gave his pocket to feed his students. « We’re just trying to keep Mr. Phil’s mind going, » said Pamela Fergus, a professor of psychology at Metropolitan State University in St. Paul who started fundraising.

In the school district, approximately 70% of the approximately 37,000 students are enrolled in free lunch, a federal program that supports a student’s entire meal or a large portion of it. Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program commonly referred to as a food stamp. Others are eligible based on income: A student from a family of three would be eligible for a household income less than $ 26,546 a year. Every St. Paul student who passes through the cafeteria line receives a meal, and those who are charged to full price or a reduced price are removed from the personal account. If this account is underfunded, a debt accumulates. But it is the school district, not the families, that is responsible for the bill. If an account balance is never paid, the district relies on donations or digs elsewhere in its budget to cover the cost.

Six months into the fundraising, people donated more than $ 148,000. The organizer’s ambitions also increased: Ms. Fergus collect about $ 999,999, which was raised in the Minnesota schools.

Source: CNN – nytimes – themindunleashed

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