Scotland’s first homeless hackathon announced

The first Homeless Hackathon in Scotland will be held in April to address the problem of homelessness.

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Hackathon is an event where a group of volunteer developers comes together to do collaborative computer programming over several days. It is hoped that this hackathon will be a source of inspiration for innovative solutions including applications, websites, and other digital platforms. The field of possibilities offered by the digital world could perhaps bring out some new ideas to make life easier or even help you get off to a good start.

EdinburghApps Road Safety Hackathon

More than 150 people from across the entire computer and digital community will be attending, from the creative industries and the charity sector, the event, will also include Simon Community and Streetwork locations, who are seeking support to create a risk assessment app for their street teams.

Margaret-Ann Brünjes, director of the homeless network in Glasgow, said: « If there are digital solutions that can facilitate the homeless experience, the Hackathon is the best opportunity to engage with the community. technology boom in Scotland.

The hackathon seeks to attract anyone with ideas, time, skills and resources to support charities for the homeless. In addition to programmers and coders, the Homeless Hackathon will host event planners, social workers, graphic designers, caregivers, digital marketers, project managers, marketers, journalists, accountants, public relations professionals and people in transformation.

Source: The Big Issue

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