Giving some colors to the slums

The slum-dwellers were more than happy to lend a helping hand to Misaal Mumbai.
Source: Facebook

Living in slums is not an easy living, this is why via her initiative, Rouble Nagi aims to improve the living conditions of those living in slums. This is the reason why she started a project called ‘Paint Dharavi’ to paint slums in India.

She first started with some workshops for the inhabitants of the slums, not related to painting. She taught them how to have a better hygiene but also how to keep the neighborhood clean, … but after a while, she wanted to do more for the community, that’s when she decided to start a painting project.

Via Misaal Mumbai, Rouble aims to help slum-dwellers in Mumbai.
Source: Facebook

Nagi Rouble’s work had a significant impact on the slums and the people living in them since the beginning of her project. People were delighted with the change of scenery when their tenements got painted. Some people living in these slums claim that they feel more energetic and motivated to work, owing to the bright colors.

When asked about her future plans, the artist explains that it is sustainability that forms the core of the project. She wishes to take the project to other parts of India, so people living in slums elsewhere, can benefit from an initiative.

Source: The Better India

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