950 social housing units announced by Montreal


Montréal plans to create 950 new social housing units over the next four years to help homeless people. An ambitious project that joins that the one of Mayor Valérie Plante to help the homeless, a $ 7.8 million action plan in which is not included the dedicated budget of 950 homes. However, it has still not been fixed;

« We are working with Quebec to finalize certain agreements, to complete financial packages for various housing projects. There are many who are waiting and there are some to come, but we have to tie up the amounts. This is auspicious said, Valerie Plante.

The action plan presented is intended to specifically address homeless people outside of major urban areas who do not necessarily have easy access to shelters. A measure that pleased the director of the Montreal Network for Assistance to Lone-Singles, although in his opinion the bar is high;

« It’s very interesting but very ambitious. We can not put resources and accommodation everywhere, « he said.

Nevertheless. the Mayor of Montréal remains positive and proud of her action plan, the plan also provides for the creation of at least one new shelter by 2020 for people suffering from alcohol problems, where the consumption of alcohol would be allowed and controlled.

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